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Managing Time

Managing time spent in the workplace is one of those things that can make your life so much easier it amazes me that people either don’t use it enough or avoid it altogether. Some people say “I’m well organized”, but, being organised is only part of the battle. The aim of managing time is to allocate your time doing the things that help you achieve your goals and the things that you prioritise and value.

Managing time effectively in the workplace can also eliminate procrastination, if you have ever heard the saying “I’ll do it later” or I’ll do it tomorrow” then hopefully this will never be heard of again. Managing time effectively is straightforward, but ironically it takes time to achieve it and create a workable system that meets your needs.

One important aspect of building an effective time management system is to become aware of how you use your time. If you start by noting how you currently spend your time you will often find large chunks of time where you are busy doing unimportant things, that you happen to enjoy.

Leaders who are strong at managing time will have the ability to schedule the rights tasks with the right time frames. Leaders who can also make sure that their employees understand that tasks are expected to be completed and without excuses will see increased productivity and a better bottom line.

Prioritise your Goals. Decide early on what the most valuable use of your time is. You should evaluate how important each task is to you by weighing up their urgency against their value. If there any business deadlines looming then ensure to focus on these first. Give yourself plenty of time to complete each task so you don’t feel pressured or rushed when you are carrying them out. Complete work with deadlines well in advance, so you have plenty of time to check over the task and make sure everything’s up to standard.

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