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Self Improvement

We believe that the limiting factor that affects the growth of any business is knowledge and it isn’t possible for a business to reach its full potential if owner doesn’t achieve a degree of self improvement.  My Business Advice has been created with a wealth of material that will give you much of the knowledge you need to generate success in your business and your personal life.

Consistent Improvement

To maintain the improvement in your life and in business we recommend that you continue reading business books and attending seminars so that you are always up to date with the latest ideas. The basis behind the business improvements in our 6 steps systems is to identify and consistently make small changes in key areas of your business.

Process Improvement

Process improvement is fundamental to business management.  If you run an operation you are reliant on two things:

  • The people you employ, their skills and capabilities
  • The processes that you use and the way you do things

The only way a business can perform better are to improve its processes or its people. There are only three simple questions that you need to get your mind around:

1. What is your purpose?

A process is simply a series of actions or steps taken to achieve an end.  For your process to work well you must be clear what it is that you are producing.   The “purpose” of the process should be obvious. After all it is difficult to cook a great meal if you aren’t clear what you want to eat, the same is true for any other process.

2. Who is your customer?

The only person who can tell you if you are meeting your purpose is your customer.  That is the person you are working for.  You only have one customer; it is the person who is handing over the cash, the person who is paying for what you are doing.

3. Is your customer happy?

If everything your process does focuses on meeting that customer need, nothing more and nothing less, and there is no way you could make it better, then you have the perfect process.