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Businesses that value diverse people, ideas, backgrounds, and experiences have a happier and more productive workforce. Real teamwork involves creating a work culture that values collaboration, where people understand and believe that cooperative thinking, planning, decisions and actions are better.

Your business culture has a powerful, persistent, and pervasive impact on everything you do. It impacts on recruitment, team attitudes, their commitment, competitiveness, and intra-team communication. You must invest the time to continually mould, monitor, measure, and maintain your culture.

When Something Goes Wrong

Everybody makes mistakes, but if the typical response is anger, and verbal criticism then don’t be surprised if staff morale is low.

  • Describe the error or problem as soon as possible, clearly and without blame.
  • Show it’s negative impact.
  • If appropriate, take the blame for not making the task clearer.
  • Go over the task in detail and make sure it is clearly understood.
  • Express your continued trust and confidence in the person

The Whale Done Approach

Catching people doing something wrong is easy, however a business founded on this will have high staff turnover and be unproductive. The opposite approach is to catch people doing things right.

  • Praise people immediately.
  • Be specific about what they did right or almost right
  • Share your positive feelings about what they did.
  • Encourage them to keep up the good work.