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Role Models

Role modelling is part of the way businesses work today and yet it is often an unrecognised activity. Role modelling encourages behaviours which lead to a more effective business. What does it mean to be a role model?

  • A role model is someone who serves as an example for others and their behaviour is emulated by others.
  • Many of us have leadership roles, even if we are specialists or professionals and have never received guidance on how to set an example for others.

Why have role models?

Role modelling is a means of providing continuity and ensure that high standards are replicated in others. Role modelling covers more than observing other people and copying their actions, it involves mirroring every aspect of them. selves, there is scope for individuality. Customer friendly role models can be observed empathising with the customer, taking personal responsibility and going the extra mile.

Good role models not only pay attention to their actions, they encourage teamwork and co-operation and support others in their growth and development. A good role model will also encourage the kind of business environment where other people learn from each other and change over time.