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Definition – Motivation refers to the energy and commitment with which an individual or group performs a task or role and it affects almost every aspect of a business.

It is widely understood that a businesses greatest asset is their employees, but I am constantly surprised that very few businesses realise appreciate that they are literally throwing their profits down the drain if they don’t pay attention to the motivation of their team. At the most basic level, motivated staff work harder. They may get more done in less time which reduces labour costs. This shows in higher productivity for the business.

Staff Motivation

However, it is not just an improvement in the level of output. Motivated staff work harder, they produce to a higher quality standard and they care about what they are doing. Motivated staff learn faster, they have more ideas, are less likely to cause accidents, and make fewer mistakes and require less supervision. However achieving a motivated workforce is neither cheap nor easy, however the rewards described above are worth the effort. To achieve the desired results you may need to change your style of leadership but a motivated workforce provides a source of competitive advantage.


To inspire your employees you need to provide an environment that exudes positive energy. If all your workers feel that they are an integral part of the overall team success, you keep your managerial door open and approachable the additional empowerment and greater employee productivity will get your business to the top. This is why employee motivation is so important.