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Social Networking

A Guide to Lead Conversion with Social Media

You may have been publishing on Facebook, Twitter or other social networking platforms, and built up a following in each channel but what do you need to do to take this to the next level? How can you use social networking to drive leads to your business? Done correctly, social networking can be a very powerful tool for generating new leads, but getting there takes patience and dedication to create high-quality content for your target market.

To be effective at generating leads with social networking it needs to be treated as a key element in your overall content marketing machine. Social media is the place where you will distribute high-quality content to your target market. If you publish a link to your website or a blog article and expect the clicks and leads to start flowing automatically, you’ll probably be disappointed, you need to put time and care into creating content that is interesting and formatted to each platform.

If you are simply using social media channels as a repeat for your content, then you’re missing out on the benefits that each platform can bring to your business. For example, Twitter is a powerful tool for connecting with influencers, share their content and you have an opportunity to engage in conversation with them. When it comes to Facebook, posts of highly entertaining content that simply make them laugh, incite feelings of nostalgia or inspire them will often get the highest number of shares, likes and comments.

There are many other things you can do to boost your lead conversion via social networking.

  • Tweeting links to your content directly to influencers (but only do so if it’s relevant to them!)
  • Ask influencers (with you have already built a relationship) to tweet your content to their followers
  • When you post a link to content on your Facebook page, tag relevant influencers (or anyone mentioned in the article)
  • Post your content in relevant groups and communities in LinkedIn, Facebook & Google Groups,