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Many people confuse sales and marketing. Marketing is all about creating leads for your business, sales is the process that takes those leads and converts the leads into customers. If you need more customers for your business then you can either spend loads of cash into generating more leads or you could save money, but spend more time, to make your sales system more efficient and make the most of the leads you currently receive.

Research suggests that 75% of sales are lost during the first 45 seconds, because this is how quickly your prospect makes a decision about you. Prospective buyers decide on:

  1. you, your manner, the way you dress
  2. your ideas
  3. then finally your offer

If they buy you, then they are more likely to buy what you sell because in general ‘people buy from people they like, people they think are like them.

The first step in the process is to create a system for managing and conducting the entire sales process that combines ‘sales skills’ with ‘relationship skills’ that will allow you to sell more products or services, build stronger relationships with customers and ultimately make more money.