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Coaching Authority


Welcome to Coaching Authority, a guide to starting your own coaching business online. This book will provide you the information and the tools that you need to start your own coaching business, and detail some of the ways that you can set it up so that you can be successful.

Product Description

What is Coaching?

Coaches are people who have had enough success in their life in a particular field that they feel they are qualified to coach others. Sometimes, coaches are educated or certified in a particular area and sometimes they just rely on their own experience.

Coaches generally compile a list of tools and resources that they can use to help other people reach their goals. You would be surprised how many people can actually benefit from having a coach help them through some of the more challenging tasks that they have set for themselves. There are many different topics that coaches help people with including all of the ones on this short list.


  • Weight loss
  • Exercise (personal training)
  • Starting their own business
  • Becoming a better salesperson
  • Becoming a better parent
  • Becoming a better spouse
  • Picking up girls/boys
  • Improving themselves
  • Learning a new language
  • Coping with a major tragedy
  • Overcoming an addiction
  • Becoming better at sex (yes, really)
  • Having more confidence
  • Many, many others


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