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Growing Business 2016

Growing Business Handbook 2016

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Product Description

The Growing Business Handbook, now in its 17th Edition, provides a comprehensive account of the underlying challenges for growing companies, offering insight into techniques and solutions for maximizing growth and controlling risks during the course of 2016/17.

The Growing Business Handbook will highlight challenges that are likely to be making an impact on SMEs, including the implications of the UK government’s new Enterprise Bill, the development of alternative sources of finance and the recommendation that business schools become more engaged in actively supporting SMEs.

High growth and high performing businesses of the year ahead will depend less on their type of business and more on their ability to manage the growth process. In markets of all kinds, there will be scope to spot an opening, make a plan, create a compelling offer, find a route to market, develop a financial strategy, become more professional and inspire everyone within a team.

The Growing Business Handbook will bring readers up to speed on how best to lead and manage the growth process. By offering an insight into the techniques and solutions for maximizing growth and controlling risks within an enterprise, this must-have offers practical advice and concrete suggestions to help an enterprise reach maximum potential.


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