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Review Of Click Intensity

I have been working on this opportunity for a little over 3 months now so I thought I would conduct a review of Click Intensity. I will discuss how I started and the results that I have been able to achieve. Also I would like to give my thoughts on it’s long-term future.

Brief Description Of Click Intensity

Many MLMs promise large amounts of money for spending 5 to 10 hours a week and building a large team. If you fail to do this, then you are out of pocket because of the monthly autoship. This is why the vast majority of people leave disappointed. Click Intensity is different to many MLMs in four very distinct ways:

  1. You only need to spend around 10 minutes a day to participate
  2. EVERYONE makes money.
  3. There is no monthly autoship.
  4. No need to build a team.

This isn’t a get rich quick scheme, look at this as a long-term business strategy where you can make large amounts of money ($10,000 a month) without recruiting a single person. Having said that if you want to make money from Day 1 it is possible to achieve this with only a VERY small team.

Unlike many MLMs there is no binary legs or matrix plans to worry about, you get paid for every direct referral and also for the people they refer down to 7 levels deep.

So How Have I Done

You can start with as little as a one-off payment of $25 but I decided to opt to commit more and started with 39 ad packs at a cost of $975. I funded my account through bank wire transfer which took a couple of days to be completed although there are a large number of alternatives.

I started earning revenue share within 30 minutes and saw these being paid 48 times a day. Within a little over 1 day I had earned enough from my revenue share to buy another ad pack. This compounding is why it is possible to start with only 1 ad pack and reach 4000 ad packs within 4 years. With 4000 ad packs you would be earning around $10,000 a month which isn’t bad for a single payment of $25.

Each ad pack is active until it pays out a profit of 20% and then it expires which at the initial daily rate of 2% took 60 days. Because I was taking my earnings and reinvesting them I now had 87 ad packs paying me revenue share every 30 minutes. At this point in time (Day 109) I have 188 ad packs which is close to 5 times the amount I started with. I estimate that in another 27 months I will reach my 4000 ad pack goal and at that point I will earn around $10,000 a month.

I haven’t simply reinvested everything, I have withdrawn about $3000 mainly from team commissions over the last 3 months so I have got my $975 back with plenty of interest.

I Built A Team

Now building a team is always something that I failed to do very well previously, however in Click Intensity my team has simply exploded and I have a team size of over 140 people. In many MLMs this is considered small and I could expect to receive around $1000 a month in commission however I get commission on every ad pack they buy forever. Unlike autoship elements which are fixed I get paid more and more as their numbers of ad packs increase. My team grows every single day and at this point only 30 of my 140 have actually bought any ad packs. However these 30 will give me a monthly commission of $25,000 a month when they all reach 4000 ad packs – which everyone does. I expect my team will be 8 times the size it is today by the end of the year and that will make me a $1 Million a year earner.

I have NEVER made any real money out of MLM before so this is simply mind blowing. Oh and as if that $1 Million isn’t enough my own ad packs will earn me an addition income of around $120,000 a year. And as I signed my wife up as well she also has earnings of around $120,000 a year to look forward to with ZERO autoship.

To achieve this I haven’t been the super salesman, that simply isn’t who I am. At present I have 12 team member that in turn have 3 or more team members and this is how my team is growing so quickly. Building a team is simple because the concept is simple, pay a one-time fee, spend 10 minutes a day working, teach others to do the same.

The Future Of Click Intensity

Click Intensity is a revenue share business, and these have had a bad reputation in the past as simply disappearing after around 3 months. Click Intensity is different in that it is more than a simple revenue share business it has ambitious long term plans to be a major player in the online advertising field. They also are constantly improving their site and their services which is something that doesn’t happen with those businesses that didn’t last long.

I believe that Click Intensity is a good long-term business and will be around for many many years to come.

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