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Using WordPress For A Website

WordPress is the content management system that is behind many online businesses. Using WordPress for a website brings numerous benefits along with it which are stated as follows:

Easy to install:

Installing WordPress is not a difficult task. You can install WordPress on your hosting space just by simply following  a few simple steps. Most website hosting providers offer a one click installation of WordPress.

You don’t have to download WordPress installation files. Simply visit the control panel of your hosting provider and click “Install WordPress” and within a few minutes its done.

Huge options of themes and plugins:

Your online business requires a unique appearance. Using WordPress for a website offers you loads of different themes for customisation. With the release of new versions, you can search, upload & install themes from your WordPress dashboard.

There are thousands of free themes available for you to customise. You can customise these themes quite easily with little knowledge of CSS. Along with these themes, there are numerous options of plugins which would help you in making your site unique.

SEO friendly:

WordPress make use of techniques and principles which are search engine friendly. There are quite a few extensions and plugins available in WordPress which will increase your SEO.

WordPress provides certain plugins through which your site can be fully optimised. It also takes away the mystery of SEO and helps you by giving SEO friendly site and content.

Auto updating:

Once you are done with downloading all the themes and plugins, you need to update them regularly to protect your site and content from vulnerabilities. You can update newly released versions by just one click.

WordPress notifies its users as soon as any update become available and suggest users to update it by clicking the upgrade button. Once you click and you are done.


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