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Power Up Coaching Program

power up

The majority of businesses that will start-up this year will fail in their first 5 years of trading. Yet the majority of these failures could have been avoided if they had the right advice.  The Power Up coaching program is an online 12 Month program that gives business owners greater knowledge than our similar 4 Month Step Up program.

If you need extra support to implement any training then you can email your coach on a weekly basis.

What You Will Learn

1. Do You Have A Profitable Idea
2. Success Comes To Those Who Think
3. Setting Up Your Company
4. Business / Marketing Plans
5. Financing Your Business & Tax
6. Effective Branding
7. Setting Up Your Website
8. Advertise Your Business – Offline
9. Advertise Your Business – Online
10. How To Sell Successfully
11. Controlling Your Fixed Overheads
12. Your 6 Monthly Review
13. Controlling Your Variable Overheads
14. Managing Your KPIs
15. How To Manage Your Time Better
16. Increasing Customer Spending
17. Teamwork & Collaboration
18.Creating More Repeat Customers
19. Creating A Customer-Centric Business
20. Simple HR For Non-HR Managers
21. How To Increase Profitability
22. Utilising Grants For Business Growth
23. How To Build Your Team
24. Your 12 Month Review

What To Do Next

Once you have clicked on the purchase button you will be asked to fill out a business assessment questionnaire for your coach. After which you’ll get immediate access to your first module of the Power Up coaching program. Each new module will be sent every 14 days so that you have enough time to implement the training you will receive.

After entering your secure payment details we will immediately activate your 14 day free trial period. If you decide to change your mind before the end of the 14 day free trial period then simply cancel and we won’t process your first payment.