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Business Coaching

What Is Business Coaching?

We hear a lot about business coaching these days, but do you understand how it works. Maybe you may have considered business coaching, but then changed your mind because you weren’t really sure your company needed it.

Business coaching will apply the essential coaching principles to every part of your business. You will follow a detailed methodology to ensure your business gets the results you desire.

Owners might employ business coaches at any stage of the business growth curve, including:

  • Start-up and business planning.
  • Learning to delegate.
  • Building a team structure.
  • Resolving changing relationships.
  • Introducing management and financial processes.
  • Developing a marketing plan.
  • Major expansion, new project.
  • Business turnaround.
  • Sale or purchase.

Coaching Options

Traditional Business Advice

The ‘Freedom’ program is our one-to-one coaching yet is surprisingly affordable. From as little as the cost of a sandwich a day you can gain the services of a coach.

It comprises of weekly, bi-weekly or monthly sessions with an experienced coach with unlimited email support.

power up

This ‘Power Up’ online coaching program is for existing businesses that want to grow to the next level and start-ups that want to power up to faster results and profit.

It comprises of a series of modules over a 12 month period with email support from a business coach.

step up

The ‘Step Up’ online coaching program has been designed for new start-up businesses and provides the essential knowledge to make their new business a success.

t comprises  a series of modules over  a 4 month period with email support from  a business coach.