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New Opportunity – Click Intensity

The internet business opportunity discussed in the blog today is Click Intensity, so what is it and can it make money for you?

What is Click Intensity

This an advertising revenue sharing site that introduces its own innovations to what is already proven success formula in the industry. So to speak, it is trying to drive the industry to another level and not to reinvent the wheel. The good sides of the long term and successful company like Traffic Monsoon and MAPS where it offers high value advertising services and only actual sales that happened are distributed.

This is not a HYIP (High Yield Investment Program)  disguised as another ad revshare which seem to be everywhere lately. Most of these sites are promising high fixed percentage return per day (as high as 40%) which is not realistic because real sales goes up and down. You maybe have a lot of money in your back office but this money is just a good figure you see in your dashboard; no real world money to back it up.

One aspect that you should be interested with is on how to make REAL money from Click Intensity. So, below are the five ways you can make money with Click Intensity:

1. Doing Simple Online Tasks

In this internet business opportunity all members whether they are a Free Member or a Paid Member, will have access to online tasks where they will be rewarded with cash when they complete it.

The amount that received will vary from task to task. Also the system will assign or make more tasks available to Paid Members than Free Members not only to encourage participation in its revenue sharing aspect but also to reward members who showed deeper commitment to make their online business succeed.

Also prioritising Paid Members improves the quality of advertising inside as offers will be exposed more to people who are already proven online buyers.

2. Profit Sharing.

The ad packs will be in the form of  $25 Silver Coin Pack  which is equivalent to 1 Profit share in the Company. This 1 profit share will continue to earn good passive income until it reaches  $30 then it expires giving you a return of 20%. How long would you need your savings invested in the bank or even an ISA to earn that amount.

Again, the profit share amount or earnings will vary based on the total sales the system will make. Earnings are distribute every 30 minutes. This can be fast and powerful since you can apply the principle of compounding to accelerate your earnings by purchasing more ad packs as soon as your balance reaches $25 or more. If you start with 10 packs ($250) and top-up to the next pack the compounding is 10, 12, 15, 18, 22, 27 etc. etc.

This goes without saying that there is no fixed timeline when your profit share hit the $30 but the similar ad share company MAP expect payouts approximately every 90 days. It is a variable component that will totally depend on company’s sales of various products offered by Click Intensity.

The maximum number of Silver Coin Packs One Can Have Is 4000 Packs giving a payout of $20,000, but this is only part of the story.

3. Personal Referrals.

Paid Members will earn 10% on all silver coin packs purchases and repurchases by people who directly joined under you.

Free account members  will earn 5% on personally referred sales.

Obviously, the more you refer the more you earn- This is not a requirement, only an optional opportunity to drive your business to massive growth. The reason why that most of the high ticket earners on this kind of program are those who have big teams with them

4. Team Income       (This is where the top people in MLM make their money!!)

This is the extra sauce that Click Intensity introduced in the ad revshare industry. Combining affiliate and MLM compensation in its rewards system. You now have a chance to start getting paid from the team up to 7 levels deep and not just only on your personally sponsored members.

Click Intensity Commissions


5. Back End Sales

With Click Intensity you will get paid commissions and up to 7 levels deep reward not just from silver coins packs purchases but from all the other advertising services that the site has made available.

You will get paid when someone 7 levels deep to you buys a premium advertising product like log in ads , solo ads , pop-up ads, and many others from Click Intensity.

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