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Fiverr Brokering Secrets

Fiverr Brokering Secrets is a training course where we will teach you how to make up to $5000 a month by becoming a broker on Fiverr. Don’t get stuck doing the tasks yourself, by using fiverr brokering you will be able to get the freedom and income you desire without doing any of the technical stuff.

Would you pay a one-time-only fee of £19.95 to get access to how you can make $5000+ a MONTH on Fiverr?


If you answered YES then read on.

Become A Fiverr Broker Today

What Can You Expect To Make

By becoming a Fiverr broker, your hourly wages should be $30, so assuming that you only work for 6 hours a day, your daily income will become $180. (Without doing any gigs!)

There are 30 days in a month, which means your monthly income would be $5400!

Remember, all you do is just outsourcing and looking for customers. You don’t perform the gigs yourself.

Besides, working online enables you to work at the comfort of your home which makes your life more flexible than having a full time job.

Do you think $5400 is the only amount you make? Definitely no! $5400 is just a beginner’s level income! As time goes by and more customers are getting to know you, your business quota will increase over time. Thus, you will make more profits than you first started.

Learn Step-By-Step How To Do It

My fiverr brokering secrets blueprint will give you a step-by-step guide to how you can become a Fiverr Broker to allocate more time looking for freelancers and customers instead of performing the gigs yourself. This will leverage your business and generate more profits. Simply put, you’re a boss where you hire freelancers to work for you at the same time you charge from your clients.

The following modules are the lessons you will learn from my Fiverr Brokering Secrets blueprint:

  1.  HOW TO DEAL WITH DIFFICULT FREELANCERS – Freelancers can be more difficult to deal with than your customers. Because they are the one who did the job not you! You may face problems like late delivery, requests for unreasonable pay, poor work quality and etc. Things can get a little bit out of control if you don’t monitor their performance. I will teach you how to do it.
  2.  HOW TO PRICE YOUR GIG FOR FREELANCERS – No matter how high you charge your customers, remember that you are the broker and you must quote a reasonable price for freelancers too.
  3.  HOW TO CONFIGURE AND OPTIMISE YOUR FIVERR PROFILE – Getting noticed is another job you must focus. There are millions of Fiverr users online every day. I will teach you how to optimize your profile to be easily seen by your prospects customers.
  4. WHAT IS A BROKER – First of all, I will introduce you to Fiverr and how you can earn tby becoming using Fiverr brokering rather than performing the gigs yourself! You become the middle man to charge your client a high fee and split the fee between you and the freelancer (in the boss way!).
  5.  HOW TO GET 5 STAR RATINGS – The higher your rating is, the trustworthy you are. And the more trustworthy you are, the more business and profits you generate! Isn’t everyone can achieve so high, but if you follow my course, you can get it there faster than anyone else!
  6.  HOW TO CREATE THE CREATE GIG EXTRAS – As I mentioned before, every service and job you provide costs a flat rate of $5 gig. However, $5 isn’t the only amount you can earn. I will show you how you can earn extra from your service. An extra price tag could be attached to every add-on service your customers require. That’s how you can earn extra. More to be revealed in my training course!
  7.  THE STEP-BY-STEP BROKERING SYSTEM – There is a system to your business by liasing with customers and communicating with freelancer. Also, this system will allow you to handle both customers and freelancers effectively!
  8. HOW TO GENERATE TRAFFIC TO YOUR PROFILE – Traffic is important for your business because without traffic without profits. I will guide you the most simple and easy ways to generate traffic massively.
  9.  HOW TO FIND FREELANCERS TO WORK WITH YOU – Where is the best source to find freelancers? I will teach you how to find the suitable freelancers according to your needs.
  10.  HOW TO SCREEN FREELANCERS – Being able to find freelancers doesn’t guarantee that you will get the good one. Quality of the work is what makes your business sustains. I will state a list of criteria for you to screen freelancers that ensure only the good ones stay.
  11.  THE TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES NEEDED – How to make your fiverr brokering business evergreen and continue for a long time to come? I will teach you methods and techniques on how to enhance your business and bring your business to another level by earning more and more every month!