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Click Intensity

Click Intensity is for ANYONE who wants to make extra money online. No country restrictions, so anyone from any part of the world can join as long as they have a computer/mobile and an internet connection.

Click Intensity introduces its own innovations to what is already proven success formula in the industry it doesn’t try to to reinvent the wheel. Click Intensity is actually a Traffic Exchange program that offers a “Revenue Share” from its profits to “active users” and together with Pay To Click, Affiliate Marketing and MLM aspects offers one of the best opportunities available and has many more features when compared other typical rev share sites.

As of 16th May 2016 it has over 87,500 members and has the potential to grow to 1 million+ so now is a great time to get involved.

What’s Different About Click Intensity

Many business opportunities promise life changing amounts of money for spending 5 to 10 hours a week on the business where you work hard to build a large team. If you fail to do this, then you are often left losing money and the vast majority of people leave disappointed. Click Intensity is different in two very distinct ways:

  1. You only need to spend around 10 minutes a day to participate
  2. EVERYONE makes money.

This isn’t a get rich quick scheme, you should look at this as a long-term business strategy that allows you can make large amounts of money ($10,000 a month) without recruiting a single person. Having said that if you want to make money from Day 1 it is possible to achieve this with only a VERY small team.

Unlike many MLMs there is no binary legs or matrix plans to worry about, you get paid for every direct referral and also for the people they refer down to 7 levels deep.

You can join with FREE membership or for added benefits join from as little as $25, but here comes the really good part. Profit is paid DAILY therefore compound interest is performed DAILY and the best way to take advantage of this is to invest as much as you can comfortably afford.

How Much Can You Make

You Make Money 5 Ways

1. Doing Simple Online Tasks – In this internet business opportunity all members whether they are a Free Member or a Paid Member, will have access to online tasks where they will be rewarded with cash when they complete it. The only stipulation is that you do these tasks every single day to continue to get paid.
2. Profit Sharing. – The ad packs will be in the form of  $25 Silver Coin Pack  which is equivalent to 1 Profit share in the Company. This 1 profit share will continue to earn good passive income until it reaches  $30 then it expires giving you a return of 20% approximately every 60 days.
3. Personal Referrals – (The Easiest Sale You Will Ever Make) Personal referrals shouldn’t be a problem, ask yourself do you know anyone that would like to make the kind of money you can see above over the next 12 months?
4. Team Income – (How The Top People In MLM Make Their Money) Teach other people to do (3) above and you are here !!
5. Back End Sales – With Click Intensity you will get paid commissions and up to 7 levels deep reward not just from silver coins packs purchases but from all the other advertising services that the site has made available.

What To Do Next

100% Risk Free Guarantee – if you sign up, do the required daily tasks and still don’t make money then we will refund your initial investment. In addition I will refund my first commission payment allowing you to grow your business even faster.

FREE to join so simply click the banner below and sign up today.