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FREE Internet Marketing Training

We have been working closely with a company called Click Intensity, and we have co-authored their official income calculator. Join us before the end of March 2016 and you will receive FREE internet marketing training as a bonus.

Click Intensity is an annotative platform that introduces its own innovations to what is already a proven success formula in the industry. The innovations are designed to drive the industry to a higher level and not to reinvent the wheel. It has a program structure of Revshare, MLM, PTC, Affiliate programs combined, thus offering many more features than compared to the typical revshare sites.

Quite simply Click Intensity is primed to change the way online advertising works and EVERYONE who participates will make money.  Timing is everything in network marketing and the time to get involved is NOW.


This Is What You Could Earn

You can stay a free member or upgrade to a paid member, it is far more profitable to become a paid member.  You can start with any amount, but here comes the really good part. Profit is paid DAILY therefore compound interest is performed DAILY and the best way to take advantage of this is to invest as much as you can afford.

Part 1.

Part 2.

Limited Time Bonus

Don’t be an April Fool, if you join our team before the end of March will give you FREE internet marketing training on CPA, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Video and Webinars. The training comprises a course of videos and these alone are worth around £120 as each of these video training courses are sold on our site for £19.95.

Send an email to mybusinessadvice@icloud.com after signing up and we will reply with a 100% discount coupon to use on our site.

The training courses can be found by clicking on the link —>  Internet Marketing Training


How To Join Us

Simply click on the following link and you will be taken to the free sign-up page.


Once you sign-up for free you are able to add the investment of your choice.