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Dealing With Low Motivation

Motivation is essential in any business, it doesn’t matter if you’re in a job, or an online business if you can’t motivate yourself you simply won’t be successful. If you’re a network marketer whose dealing with low motivation then what can you do about it? In network marketing you don’t only have to motivate yourself, you have to motivate your downline as well. If you can’t motivate your downline then the success of your MLM business will be compromised.

However the universal truth is that nobody else can motivate you, only you can do that for yourself. Others can help you by creating the right environment, and the following tips will help you:

  • Deal With Procrastination – Have you ever had that feeling of being stuck, confused about what you should be doing? Should you be inviting a prospect to look at your MLM business, or inviting them to look at the product. Are you stuck when deciding what is the best way to approach a particular person whether this product will actually help this person? The noise in your head is preventing you from being motivated to such an extent that it is difficult to make any decision on which action to take.
  • Clarify Your Thought Process – To motivate yourself, make sure you’re not confused about what you’re doing, ask yourself : “What am I avoiding, what am I uncertain of, what am I worried about, why do I feel as though there isn’t a solution?”.
  • Maintain Your Energy Levels – Energy levels often dip when people are building their businesses part-¬time whilst still working a full¬time job. If you’re too tired and exhausted to work your business, the solution is to invest in yourself. Make sure you are getting adequate rest, eat healthily and create an exercise routine.
  • Maintain Your Passion – If you aren’t enjoying the tasks that you are encouraged to do in your business like making a list of family and friends to pitch them on your new business opportunity, cold calling etc. then you won’t have a passion for your business. The solution is to concentrate on your strengths, for example if your strengths are coaching, and training then incorporate video marketing and blogging to grow your business.
  • Lack of Support – Most people in network marketing experience a lack of support from their friends and family leaving them with no one to go to with any challenges, or to celebrate their success..The solution is to network with like¬minded people who can trade their networking success tips with you and together can help each other succeed.
  • Find A Coach / Mentor – The challenges you face in network marketing are no different from a traditional business. Find a coach or mentor who can teach you new skills and help you solve your challenges. I suggest you invest financially in marketing training and high level mentoring and coaching so you have someone to turn to when you face a challenge in your business.
  • Deal With Lack Of Results – One of the biggest reasons why people lose motivation and quit network marketing is they don’t see any real results in their business or their personal life. They don’t see the hyped new signups or an increase in their income and the business becomes a problem and doesn’t offer the financial and time freedom they were promised. The solution is to take massive CORRECT action and actively celebrate your accomplishments.
  • Deal With Lack Of Leads – There are hundreds of ways of generating leads today, originally the only option was cold-calling people or hounding people on the streets to find leads. But today you can find leads by article marketing, magazine ads, pay per view/click advertising, and social networking websites. Find out what you like best and do it.
  • Set Goals – Network Marketing is a hard business to get right and make any real money from. Setting goals will motivate you because you have something concrete to aim for. Make sure they’re SMART goals and keep track of your progress in achieving them.


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