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CPA Marketing v Your Current

If you need to market your websites, applications, services or products to mobile audiences, there are a lot of advertising models that you can use. You can utilize many strategies to lead a massive traffic to your website. You can also employ a software and use different personas to speed up the tasks. The most commonly used by advertisers is the CPA marketing which is the key to profitable and sustainable distribution. This is the right compensation model that will match your new affiliate marketing plan.

Compared to other advertising models, it is the most beneficial compensation method. Perhaps, this is the main reason why cost per action (CPA) is the number one choice of most advertisers and publishers. Moreover, it requires lesser persuasion skills and gives higher commissions. This compensation model is advantageous both for publishers and advertisers.

Advantages for Publishers

Higher Payouts

Whatever strategy that you use to acquire leads and traffic, what matters the most is the revenues. As mentioned earlier, CPA marketing offers the best revenues compared to other methods. You can earn $1 to $3 for every click and up to $150 for long-term actions and sales.

No Need for a Website

It does not necessarily require you to develop your own website. You can use your social networking accounts such as Twitter, Facebook or MySpace to lead traffic directly to the merchants’ sites.

No Sales Required

With this kind of advertising model, you do not have to get prospects to buy. You can get commissions by just simply making your prospects a lead or by encouraging them to click on the links.

Availability of CPA Networks

You will receive a lot of offers to promote when you get accepted by a CPA network. That means that you do not need to seek out opportunities because they are provided by the CPA program. Since these companies want to be successful affiliates, they will provide you with a lot of promotional and advertising materials to market their opportunities. Your only job is leading traffic to their websites. The most popular CPA programs have more than 1,500 different services or products from their list.

CPA networks do all the tracking jobs for you and they also manage your account that you can access anytime you want. You will get a commission check for your earnings. Moreover, they provide support through an affiliate agent who will train you and answer your questions.

Advantages for Advertisers

Budget Plan

You have total control of your budget plan with CPA. You can decide how much you want to pay for a purchase, zip code entry, email subscription etc. The amount you choose for each action depends on your opportunities of getting revenues.

Low Rates of Fraud

It is one of the best benefits of utilizing cost per action. Nowadays, PPC schemes are flooded with a lot of frauds which involve the use of auto-clicking software and tools. In contrast, your chances of being a fraud victim is minimal in CPA marketing since most of qualified actions involve filling out surveys which takes much time to do.